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FIMBA Assembly 2023 Mar del Plata Argentina

Franco Zullich

Aug 30, 2023

At the World Championship in Mar del Plata, Argentina, the FIMBA Assembly was held with authorities from around the world.

During the work at the assembly, attention was paid to the general affairs agenda of FIMBA International, among other topics, the election of the new authorities of the international board for the period 2023-2027 was highlighted, announcing the new officials.

FIMBA President:

Agustin Rodríguez Lamas, Argentina

Head secretary:

Franco Zullich - Argentina

Vice president:

Tonci Vanjak - Croatia

Second Vice President

Osvaldo Pandolfo - Costa Rica

FIMBA Europe:

President Paris Petras - Greece

Vice President: Miodrag Hadzibabić - Serbia

FIMBA America:

President Norberto Inschaupe - Argentina

Vice Telma Lima - Brazil

FIMBA Central Caribbean:

Cheo Otero - Puerto Rico

Vice: Ana María Ruano - El Salvador

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