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FIMBA life experience

Experience precedes knowledge, without experience there is no knowledge and without experience there is no life lesson.

The FIMBA ACADEMY is the organism integrated by highly experienced members who have participated in high hierarchical positions in the leadership not only of FIMBA, but of the sport in general, such as former presidents, former directors and other personalities of authority or positions of first order.

The objective is to continue collaborating in FIMBA, working on issues of utmost importance such as the philosophical destinies and objectives in the present of the Maxibasketball discipline, appointments for new representatives, modification and improvement of rules and procedures in general. 

With the intention of analyzing and proposing towards the future, where the movement is going and the continuous improvement of the strategic parts of the federation, all this gathering the maximum experience and knowledge that can give their trajectory.

The experience of those who know the most put at the service of the construction and strengthening on the way to the future of FIMBA and the Maxibasketball movement worldwide, reinforcing the philosophy and marking the horizon.

It was during the FIMBA 2023 Assembly that the creation of the FIMBA ACADEMY was announced, and the authorities and members that comprise it were elected:




     Vincenc Butala (Slovenia)


     Juha Vettanen (Finland)
     Carlos del Viso (Argentina) 
     Nelson Silva (Uruguay) 
     Rubén Rodríguez Lamas (Argentina)

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